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Since the inception of the Lovemarks theory, academic literature on the topic of emotional marketing has grown considerably. Here you’ll find a sampling of some of the most revealing academic investigations into the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

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The Effect of Product-Personality Congruence on Product Attachment

This paper from Nyenrode University and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands explores the relationship between product personality and the development of consumer attachment, and its implications for design.

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Autotelic Need for Touch, Haptics, and Persuasion: The Role of Involvement

This article details three experiments where the element of touch is explored in terms of its ability to increase persuasion. The “research extends previous work by including involvement in the context of an appeal by a nonprofit.” The Madison Symphony Orchestra is the subject of one experiment.

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Consumers’ Emotional Attachment and Willingness to Pay for Their Favourite Sportswear Brand

In this study, 440 students aged 18 to 25 years were surveyed to understand the relationship between consumers’ emotional attachment and willingness to pay premium prices for their favorite sportswear brand.

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The Power of Emotion: Brand Communication in Business-to-Business Markets

This article looks at how “emotional brand values need to be communicated effectively both within the organisation as well as externally through the industrial sales force” in order for B2B businesses to connect emotionally with customers. A model is proposed.

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Development of Chinese Consumers’ Brand Love Conceptual Structure and Scale

This paper from the School of Management, Zhejiang University, establishes a consumer brand love conceptual structure developed specifically on Chinese consumer psychology and tests it with sports’ shoe brands.

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An Exploration of Men’s Brand Relationships

A study from Loyola University, Chicago, tests Fournier’s theory of brand relationships in regard to heterosexual male shoppers of fashion and grooming products through ïn-depth interviews, collage constructions, and shopping trip observations.

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Consumers’ Emotional Bonds with Foreign Countries: Does Consumer Affinity Affect Behavioral Intentions?

We know that brand perception affects our everyday purchasing decisions, but how strong is the effect of nation branding on what we choose to buy? This study from the University of Vienna shows that “consumer affinity is more powerful than consumers’ ethnocentric tendencies in explaining both perceived risk and willingness to buy.”

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Brand Attachment and Brand Attitude Strength: Conceptual and Empirical Differentiation of Two Critical Brand Equity Drivers

A study from the Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California, Imperial College London and Vanderbilt University reveals that traditional measurement of brand attitude strength does not completely explain consumer brand attachment. Rather, what we refer to as ‘Loyalty Beyond Reason’ is a better indicator of consumer behavior.

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Product, Scent and Memory

This article finds that “product scent is more effective than ambient scent at enhancing memory for product information. The results suggest that, although ambient scent has received the bulk of attention from researchers and managers in recent years, greater focus on product scent is warranted.”

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Brand Love

In this article recently published in the Journal of Marketing, two quantitative studies conducted by Batra, Ahuvia and Bagozzi reveal that brand love predicts loyalty, word-of-mouth communication and resistance to negative information.

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Soulmates, Best Friends, and Casual Buddies: The Relationship of U.S. College Students to Retailer Brands

An article in the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal takes a look at the interpersonal relationship that U.S. college students have with retail brands. The relationships are categorized as soulmates, best friends and casual buddies.

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Family Restaurant Brand Personality and Its Impact On Customer’s Emotion, Satisfaction, and Brand Loyalty

This study from the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research examines the effect that restaurant brand personality has on customer’s emotions. It identifies five different restaurant brand personality dimensions.

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Neuroeconomics: In Search of the Neural Representation of Brands

This paper addresses how neuroscientific approaches, like fMRI, enable the investigation of brand-related and economic behavior amongst consumers. One example it provides is how viewing logos of luxury brands activate “brain activity associated with self-centered cognitions.”

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Satisfied Customers’ Love Toward Retailers: A Cross-Product Exploration

“This study attempts to increase our understanding of the phenomenon of love specifically in the apparel and grocery retailing contexts…The empirical results show that customer love is predicted by perceived relationship investment, hedonic store experience, and symbolic store experience.”

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Women Satisfaction with Cosmetic Brands: The Role of Dissatisfaction and Hedonic Brand Benefits

Do we buy cosmetics because they are useful or because they make us feel good? Research from the University of Basque Country asked women “to evaluate various aspects of their perceptions of the functional and emotional factors of the cosmetics they used.”