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Since the inception of the Lovemarks theory, academic literature on the topic of emotional marketing has grown considerably. Here you’ll find a sampling of some of the most revealing academic investigations into the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

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Can Consumers Forgo the Need to Touch Products? An Investigation of Nonhaptic Situational Factors in an Online Context

With the growing popularity of online shopping, the effect and importance of touch on people’s intention to purchase is topic on many retailers’ minds. In this paper, academics from University of Evansville and University of North Texas explore.

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Engaging the Senses to Affect Perception, Judgment and Behavior

This article presents an overview in the study of sensory marketing and perception, and highlights existing areas where additional research needs to be done.

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The Influences of Verbal Smell References in Radio Advertisements

This paper “explores how verbal smell references in restaurants’ radio advertisements affect consumers’ perceived ability to “almost taste” and “almost smell” the advertised product, affective response, and purchase intentions”.

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Effects of Package Visuals and Haptics on Brand Evaluations

This paper examines how visual and haptic package design characteristics singularly and jointly affect consumers’ brand impressions. “The findings have been obtained for a single category (bottled water) using experiments designed to highlight and focus consumer attention on the formation of impressions.”

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How Brands Meet Share of Requirements Through Bonding, Companionship, and Love

This paper looks at the impact of emotional branding on personal share of purchases amongst buyers. “It seems that advertising can generate the expectancy of strong, specific, emotional attachment, but very favorable brand usage experience must follow if this approach is to be successful.”

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The Hidden Agency: Emotions in Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping may feel like a routine exercise, but the role that emotions play in decision-making are complex and affect what and how we buy. “This exploration suggests that further insight can be gained if the emphasis is on how the consumer interacts with their brands rather than assuming that all grocery decisions are predictive.”

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Foundations for Building Share of Heart in Global Brands

This paper looks at the unique challenge faced by global brands in their endeavors to create emotional connections with people from varied demographics and segmentations.

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Emotional Brand Attachment and Brand Personality: The Relative Importance of the Actual and the Ideal Self

Brand intimacy can be created and strengthened through understanding the way consumers view themselves. “Creating emotional brand attachment is a key branding issue in today’s marketing world. One way to accomplish this is to match the brand’s personality with the consumer’s self.”

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Explaining Love of Wine Brands

When it comes to brand love of wine, does customer expertise have an influence on degree of satisfaction and loyalty? This article from a special issue of the ‘Journal of Promotion Marketing’ explores.

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An Integrative Review of Sensory Marketing: Engaging the Senses to Affect Perception, Judgment and Behavior

“This review article presents an overview of research on sensory perception. The review also points out areas where little research has been done, so that each additional paper has a greater chance of making a bigger difference and sparking further research.”

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Loving a Brand: Empirical Investigation of Consumer-Brand Love Relationship

This paper analyzes how the brand love concept can be derived from interpersonal love, and “shows that perceived product category hedonism has significant positive impact on brand love.”

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The Emporium of the Senses and Multi-Label Retailing: The Case of Armani/Ginza

Luxury fashion and lifestyle brand, Giorgio Armani, opened a mega-store Ginza, Tokyo, in 2000. This paper looks at how the brand has designed this retail store as a haven for all the senses.

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A Cup of Coffee with a Dash of Love: An Investigation of Commercial Social Support and Third-Place Attachment

Creating Intimacy involves meeting the emotional needs to of your audience. Starbucks has strengthened its relationship with people by providing friendly support and companionship as part of its “third place” concept.

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The Role of Emotional Aspects in Younger Consumer-Brand Relationships

Younger consumers have a reputation for being influenced by fads and trends, but what emotional aspects are important to the development of consumer-brand relationships with this demographic?

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Should Consumers Be in Love With Brands? An Investigation Into the Influence That Specific Consumer-Brand Relationships Have on the Quality of the Bonds That Consumers Develop With Brands

What will influence consumer loyalty when a brand is experiencing tough times? Helen Nobre of Nova University of Lisbon finds that Intimacy is the key to lasting relationships.