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Since the inception of the Lovemarks theory, academic literature on the topic of emotional marketing has grown considerably. Here you’ll find a sampling of some of the most revealing academic investigations into the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

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Brand Love, Brand Image and Loyalty in Australian Elite Sport

This paper aims to contribute to the current brand and sport marketing literature by conceptualising the relationship between brand image, brand love and loyalty within Australian elite sport. The context for this study is an investigation of Australian football and more specifically its teams.

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Two Studies of Consequences and Actionable Antecedents of Brand Love

Bergkvist and Bech-Larsen’s analysis provides valuable insight into the nature of brand love. Brand identification and sense of community both play measurable roles in the development of brand love. This further bolsters the idea that Intimacy and Sensuality are necessary components of a Lovemark.

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Scale Development of the Lovemark Experience for Fashion Brands

This is the first study to test the degree to which Mystery, Sensuality, and Intimacy affect both brand love and brand respect. Their results are encouraging proof that the Lovemarks philosophy is accurate in its claim that these three elements are central to creating consumer experiences of both love and respect.

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Brand Relationships Through Brand Reputation and Brand Tribalism

While brands build and improve relationships with customers, the role of brand reputation, and that of brand tribalism, have received less attention. Moutinho and Veloutsou (2008) show tribalism is more effective than reputation when it comes to assessing brand relationship strength.

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Measuring Brand Love: Applying Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love in Consumer-brand Relations

This paper provides yet more evidence of the similarities between interpersonal love and brand love, thus bolstering the basis of the Lovemarks approach. Lovemarks create priceless value in the same way that interpersonal love creates priceless value.

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Emotional Attachment to Brands: The Implications for Marketers

A new measure, to gauge the level of emotional attachment some consumers have with brands, reveals that consumers also feel affectionate and passionate about brands. Consumers will ‘go out of their way to own and protect’ these brands, as well pay a premium for them.

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Brand Love: Conceptualisation and Measurement

Dimensions of interpersonal love appear to be linked to the love respondents have for a brand. This paper, which studies French consumers, shows that love for a brand has many similarities to love between people.

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How Brands Twist Heart and Mind: Neural Correlates of the Affect Heuristic During Brand Choice

This paper investigates the way brand choices are made using fMRI scanning. It shows emotional and rational processes operate in parallel, but where previous emotional experiences of a brand exist, these have a strong influence on the choice outcome.

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Commodities, Brands, Love and Kula: Comparative Notes on Value Creation

Commodities, their value, their path to consumers, and the relationship between consumers and things are explored in this paper. Lovemarks is also contrasted with other aspects of the value chain as part of a discussion on value creation.

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Delight by Design: The Role of Hedonic Versus Utilitarian Benefits

Achieving customer delight rather than just satisfaction should be the aim of marketers, according to this paper by Chitturi et al (2008). Exciting and delighting consumers invokes deeper emotional responses, which help build greater brand loyalty and repurchase intention.

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Love is in the Heart: Physiological Responding to Preferred Brands

The Lovemarks framework, which stresses the importance of emotional connections with consumers and is defined by their Loyalty Beyond Reason, is tested by Maxian et al (2008). This paper shows that, the relationships some consumers have with brands appear to be very similar to love.

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Emotional Design: Application of a Research-based Design Approach

Including a “wow” aspect to brands or products has long been considered useful as it elicits an emotional response in consumers. Desmet et al (2007) develop an index to measure the “wow” experience and show the importance of including “wow” pre-conditions in product design.

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How to Induce the Beholder to Persuade Himself: Learning from Advertising Research for Information Visualization

This paper takes an in-depth look at visual communications for effective advertising. Drawing on well established approaches, it investigates new lines of thinking, including the role of Lovemarks, and particularly the way consumers process and act on information via emotion.

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Turning Customers into Lustomers: The Duveen Proposition

Brown presents the “lustomer” idea based on Duveen’s innovative sales and marketing efforts over a century ago. However, Brown does not distinguish between trends and fads, which limits the application of his thinking.

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Attitudes Towards American Brands and Brand America

Chan et al (2007) take an intriguing look at the relationship between attitudes toward brands, including Nike and McDonalds, and attitudes toward the USA among Singaporean, Hong Kong and Australian students. The results are unexpected and the authors discuss possible causes.