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Since the inception of the Lovemarks theory, academic literature on the topic of emotional marketing has grown considerably. Here you’ll find a sampling of some of the most revealing academic investigations into the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

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Make Brand Love, Not War: The Power of Combining Explicit and Implicit Brand Attitude Measurement to Detect Brand Affection

This “paper presents two studies that combine implicit and explicit measures of brand attitude with regard to two major brands (Coca-Cola and Adidas) and two different consumer brand touch points. [The] results show that implicit and explicit brand attitudes significantly differ regarding the analyzed brands and the analyzed brand touch points.”

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The Power of Sensory Marketing in Advertising

This article discusses the role of sensory marketing in driving advertisement effectiveness. It addresses mental simulation, imagery, multi-sensory stimulation, and actual and imagined touch in shaping consumer behavior.

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Relationship Quality as a Function of Luxury Car Brand Image and Personality

“…The current study focuses on affective commitment. Affective commitment means the degree to which a customer identifies and is personally involved with a luxury car brand…This research’s intended contribution is to explore the effect of luxury car brand image and personality on relationship quality.”

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What We Feel and Why We Buy: The Influence of Emotions on Consumer Decision-Making

This paper “present[s] perspectives on why and under what conditions emotions serve as antecedents to decision-making, and call for future research to examine how emotional influences can both undermine and help consumer decision-making.”

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The Impact of Emotion and Brand Placement on Brand Memory: A Neurophysiological View

“This paper investigates the interplay of consumer emotional response to Ad content and moment of brand placement on the consumer ability to associate Ad message and brand name.”

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Spreading Love Through Fan Page Liking: A Perspective on Small Scale Entrepreneurs

“The study reveals a positive relationship between “liked” brands on Facebook fan-page and brand love. Further, the study finds that liking the fan pages is essentially converted into WOM, and it results into purchase proposition.”

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Attribution of Symbolic Brand Meaning: The Interplay of Consumers, Brands and Reference Groups

“The purpose of this paper is to examine the role played by both, self-brand connection and reference groups, in attributing symbolic meaning to a brand.”

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The Cool Scent of Power: Effects of Ambient Scent on Consumer Preferences and Choice Behavior

“The present research examines how ambient scents affect consumers’ spatial perceptions in retail environments, which in turn influence customers’ feelings of power and, thus, product preference and purchasing behavior.”

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Choosing Beauty and Feeling Good: How Attractive Product Design Increases Self-Affirmation

“Choice of high design works as a unique form of affirmation. It works unconsciously, and high design may even be a particularly powerful form of affirmation precisely because its relationship to the self and one’s values is not obvious. And design is more powerful than other features in this respect.”

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Young Consumers and their Brand Love

“The current study aims to extend the discussion of the brand experience dimensions and to form the brand love, focusing on the members of the youngest consumer segment.”

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Can We Rank Emotions? A Brand Love Ranking System for Emotional Terms

“In this paper we examine customers’ emotional attachment to a brand name utilizing content extracted from social media. More specifically, we consider the emotions associated to brand love appearing in the form of terms in users’ Twitter posts.”

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Do Happy Brand Placements Lead to Happy Brands?

“The findings of this study indicate that emotions have a significant effect on the consumer attitude towards the placed brands and practitioners may need to re-evaluate the placement strategies, particularly, when placing the brands in a happy situation with high plot integration.”

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How to Capture Tourists’ Love for a Place: Methodological and Technological Solutions

“A potential expansion of the brand love concept could be “place brand love,” and it will be argued that qualitative methods may be the most effective way to research this area in a tourism context and may serve as a catalyst to deeper insights than would be possible with quantitative methods alone.”

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New Tools and Techniques for Understanding Non-Conscious Consumer Decisions

“Market researchers increasingly understand the importance of non-conscious processes in consumer decision making. A number of concepts and models are being adopted from cognitive neuroscience, such as conceptual and motivational priming and processing fluency…This paper briefly describes the theoretical background to how these ideas are being applied, as well as each main technique, with its potential uses, strengths and weaknesses.”

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CO-Creation and Brand Love: Developing a Theoretical Framework

“The objective of this study is to develop a conceptual model of co-creation and brand love. The main contribution of the present study is that is suggests both a direct impact of co-creation on brand love sub-dimensions as well as an indirect one through quality.”