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Marketing Mystery: Creating Dreams

Dreams are such an important part of creating Mystery because it speaks to people on very deep, personal levels. It involves emotion and storytelling, fantasy and reality. Here are some recent examples of how brands are creating dream-like experiences for their audiences.

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Love Cherry Ripe

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Intimacy: Millennials in the New Economy

Brands that desire to move into the High Respect and High Love quadrant need to be empathetic to life stage. Though not a concept exclusive to this age group, brands need to construct ways to provide Millennials with joy and memorable moments.

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Share Love with TOMS


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From the Top

Founders and senior management may aspire to become Lovemarks, but if theory doesn’t translate into action at the point of transaction, no amount of planning can shift a brand into Love territory.

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Storytelling and Sharing

Why is the art of the narrative the ultimate vehicle for reaching audiences in the Age of Now? Storytelling involves participation, language, images and action. It ignites the audience and encourages them to go on an emotional journey with the storyteller.

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Target Loves Canada

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Marketing Intimacy: Crocs

For a brand to be a Lovemark, it doesn’t need the approval of the overall status quo, but does require High Respect and High Love from its core community. Crocs is such an example. It is one of the most polarizing brands on the market today; a brand that people love or detest.

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Swarovski Shows Heart In Soho

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Give Me a Clear Connection

There has been much written and reported on the nature of people’s relationships with their mobile phones as the technology becomes secondary to how we function socially and emotionally. What motivates such strong feelings of loyalty to a brand of mobile phone?

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Sensing Results

In the Age of Now many brands have moved beyond implementing pleasant atmospherics and have begun developing immersive sensory experiences for good reason – sensory appeal increases engagement, percentage of footfall in stores and overall sales.

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The Business of Brushing

We all use it and there seems to be a tube for everyone by the bathroom sink, but toothpaste is no small matter. What makes people choose one brand of toothpaste over another, and how does a brand of toothpaste hold fast to its consumers in a hyper-competitive market?

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Boston Pizza’s Slice of Love


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From Brand to Lovemark: Lululemon Athletica

There are many brands in female sports apparel, but few that distinguish themselves as Lovemarks. Lululemon Athletica is an example of a company that has moved from being a brand to dominating Lovemarks territory in its market. Let’s look at some ways in which it’s won Respect and used Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy to create a brand that is irresistible.

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TaylorMade’s Driver Love