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Flying the Flag

When brands fly the flag of a particular country – be it the place of their founding or an adopted homeland – addressing the Past, Present and Future, as well as capitalizing on Myths and Icons are crucial to conveying brand essence and developing narratives that people can relate to.

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Loving Seattle’s Best

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Brand As Hero

The character of the ‘hero’ has been central to human narrative and reflects the traits that our society admires and aspires to. Who we consider heroes will differ based on variables like culture, age and location, but unanimously, heroes are people we Respect and Love.

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Fall In Love With Wildfox


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Retail Lovemarks: Harrods

Through the years, Harrods has upheld its iconic status as a quintessential British experience and continues to deliver on its reputation as a shopping destination. We analyze a sample of reviews from to gain a better understanding of what people love the most about this renowned retail brand.

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Eggs From the Lakes Are Laid With Love


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Brands as Creative Leaders

At the Institute of Directors Annual Convention in London this year, Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi, outlined four principles that distinguish Creative Leaders from their less agile counterparts. These principles are not only for people who want to create change; they can be applied to brands wanting to stand out as leaders in their market.

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UGGs Feel Like Love


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Fast Tracking From Products to Lovemarks

One way to describe the journey to Lovemarks is Product to Trademark, Trademark to Brand, Brand to Lovemark. But can the path to Love be fast tracked to move a Product into Lovemarks territory? And what would a product have to deliver to bypass the often-trod road of Trademarks and Brands?

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What’s Funny

Laughing together is a successful mechanism for building intimacy, but humor is a subjective experience. Two people can share a joke, but what are the chances that millions of people across the globe will get the punchline?

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Fred Segal Signs Its Love

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Infusing Single-Serve Cup Coffee With the Three Secrets

Single-cup serving accounts for more than 8% of the global coffee market and will prove to be more than a trend as consumers continue to want the luxury of a quality brew with the convenience of a touch of a button. Here are some examples of how brands in this category are putting Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy into action.

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Gosh We Heart Shoes


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The Human Touch

Consumer technology companies know that giving their products and services ‘the human touch’ attracts our attention and generates business. However, good visuals and catchy tunes are not enough to create deep connections to consumers when Mystery and Sensuality are tablestakes.

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Love Is In The Air

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