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Sydney Wants You To Love Every Second

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Tiffany & Co. Gives Us Something To Dream About

Tiffany & Co. is one brand that has endured the test of time, and is exemplary of how characteristics of Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy can be used to create a Lovemark that has achieves Loyalty Beyond Reason.

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I Heart Nokia

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Involvement is a Two Way Street

With the power of the Inspirational Consumer being recognized and rewarded by brands, word-of-mouth worthy experiences and giveaways are becoming the way that brands are developing consumer relationships.

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Brand Loyalty and Love in MENA

Ernst & Young recently polled more than 4,000 adults in the Middle East and North Africa and found that consumers in the region are more brand loyal than their global counterparts. Loyalty may be the key desire for many brands in the MENA market, but striving for love will protect them from the risk of commodization.

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Lumino Wants You To Love Your Smile


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Creating Great Stories in Retail

Retail is one environment where brands can create the context for which great stories occur. By drawing an audience to interact and participate with the retail environment, brands can create a door to wonder, excitement and discovery. Here are some stores that have successfully developed narratives for their consumers.

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Leckerlee Delivers With Heart


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Sowing Secrets

The growing interest in ‘secret’ offerings and member-only deals also come from the fact that sales are ubiquitous and deals are a dime a dozen. Shoppers still want to feel special, but not from the massive discounts that everyone else is getting.

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Nike Love My Kicks


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Turning the Page: Bookstores in the Age of Now

For bookstores to survive in the Age of Now they need to go beyond the traditional offering of books and make themselves local social and cultural institutions. Here are some book retailers and publishers that are innovating in this category.

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Love In The City


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Nu, Worn With Passion


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BlackBerry: From Lovemark to Commodity

From dominating the smartphone market, BlackBerry sales have fallen 41% in the last quarter. It’s once loyal community of fans have fallen out of love with their BBs and what was once a Lovemark is now looking very much like a commodity. Low Respect. Low Love. What happened?

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NYU Loves NoHo

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