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Let’s Get Unreasonable

Saatchi. That name means something to us. It’s this agency, its the name on the front door, its every single person who decided to work here. We made a video love letter to Saatchi NY and our people on the 40th anniversary of a place that has always been driven by the power of unreasonable creativity.

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The Key Colors that Inspire Buying Behavior, with One Secret Color Missing

Nice color chart by KiSSmetrics on what colors trigger what emotions in the buying process. However, they missed one of the most powerful colors in the palet – white. What white does is create negative space which gives the eye a chance to rest.

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Google and Wharton Q&A with Andy Murray at Advertising Week in NYC

A series of quick Q&A videos featuring Andy Murray, global CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi X, sponsored by Wharton and Google at Advertising Week conference in New York last month.

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Lovemarks by the Numbers

Insights and findings around creating Loyalty Beyond Reason continue to illuminate Lovemarks, most recently from Peter Boatwright and Jonathan Cagan with their a book ‘Built to Love: Creating Products That Captivate Customers’.

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Soho Loves To Shop

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Advertising & Ideas

Saatchi NY Chief Strategy Officer Claudine Cheever had a big week last week. In addition to her wonderful presentation at 7×7 on the changing role of parenthood, she also interviewed with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox on his show Taking Stock for a segment titled “Real Life Mad Men & Women,” where she discussed what it means to work in advertising today.

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It Must Be Love

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Live it, Love it!

Hong Kong Tourism Board – “Hong Kong – Live it, Love it!”

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Subaru ‘Dear Subaru’

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I Heart New York T-Shirts

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Royal Opera House ‘Love Love Love’

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Pepsi ‘Lovetc’

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The American Library Association’s I Love My Librarian Award

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Will You Love Bloomingdale’s Furniture Sale?

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Animals Can’t Drive Utes

I get a lot of interesting things sent to me about Lovemarks, and here is one out of left field. A Masters student in Australia, Bibi Deena Syed sent me over a hardbound thesis … that’s a psychoanalytic study of Lovemarks. Crazy? Psychoanalyzing love?