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Scents That Linger in Memory

Chances are your favorite erasers when you were a child were scented. This wasn’t because they made erasing any easier, but the scent added novelty to an otherwise generic item. You might not care for scented items now, but a recent study shows that you will remember a product more if it ignites your olfactory system.

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A Place to Remember

What would make a Lovemarks hotel? Attentive service? Inspired décor? Or just knowing that you’ll be comfortable at an affordable price? A study by Barksey and Nash (2002) affirm that emotional connection is what determines Loyalty Beyond Reason between hotels and their guests.

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New vs. Now (Part 2)

In last week’s post we began to compare the differences between New and the Age of Now, and how brands could move towards Lovemarks territory by acknowledging changes that are taking place in the consumer landscape. This week, we look at the characteristics of Return on Involvement, the impact of global markets and creating movements.

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New vs. Now (Part 1)

New is old. We live in the Age of Now, a new Economy made up of a soft grid of electric moments, where creativity is the entry point and consumer is curator. How does this cultural shift impact the theory of Lovemarks, and is there a place in this always-on, instantly demanding, immediately-sharing world for a concept that is built on Respect and Love?

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The Sound of Music

Listen closely to the music being played when you make your next trip to the supermarket. Is the tempo fast or slow? Is it a Top 40 hit or a tune sung in French or Italian? All these factors could determine how long you linger in aisles, what type of product you buy and how much you end up spending at the checkout.

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What Does Shah Rukh Khan Have to Do with Lovemarks?

Shah Rukh Khan is the number one Lovemark on and has dominated the position for several years now. A question often asked is why has the Bollywood actor reigned at the top for so long and not have had his position moved by brands like Apple or Google? And what does SRK have to do with the Future Beyond Brands in the first place?

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Delighting at the Shelf

Delight through design creates the positive emotions that are essential to the development of brand relationships. Not only will multisensory packaging make shopping a more exciting and fulfilling experience, but it has the ability to transform stores into theatres of dreams.

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Growing Through Brand Desire

It’s not just an emotional proposition for brands to strive to become Lovemarks; it is also a financially lucrative one. Studies have shown that brand desire has correlations with increase in sales performance and better shareholder return. Apple, Moleskine and Nutella are such examples.

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Champagne for Lovers

The NetBase Passion Brand Index recently surveyed chatter surrounding a selection of luxury champagne brands to measure levels of consumer passion. Though all the brands were clearly liked, none were loved. What would it take for one of these brands to move into Lovemarks territory?

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Ariel: Connecting Past, Present and Future

When you experience something you feel might be a Lovemark, check out how it acknowledges the past as it heads to the future. If there are no connections, the brand is not a Lovemark. In this post, we’ll look at the Procter & Gamble washing detergent, Ariel, as an example of how notions of Past, Present and Future have been applied to its brand strategy.

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Tell Me a Good Story

The magic we feel as children upon hearing a story never truly leaves us. Research shows that the attraction of a carefully woven tale does not diminish over time and that advertising that tells a story is not only better received, but also registers more powerfully with consumers.

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The Effects of Aroma on Emotion

Unlike sight, sound, touch and taste, the sense of smell cannot be switched off and thereby provides brands the opportunity to engage consumers at an intimate, sub-conscious level. Here are some examples of the use of smell in advertising and communications by companies such as Bloom, Emack & Bolio’s, and Saatchi & Saatchi Prague.

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Making Sense of the Five Senses

Rather than focusing solely on signage to attract shoppers, retailers are realizing the effectiveness of stimulating the senses in-store to encourage consumers to spend more time browsing and possibly ring up another sale at the cash register.

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Two Emotions Engage Us All

The online world is no longer an option in advertising but a fundamental part of a holistic strategy. A recent study by Teixeira, Wedel and Pieters discovered that the success of online campaigns often comes down to how they make use of two emotions – surprise and joy.

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The Problem with Participation

The participation band wagon rolls on in adland with agencies and clients seeming content to sacrifice effective communications in the name of ‘doing something on Facebook’. So how do you get it right?