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Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy in the Tire Market

Tire brands like Michelin, Goodyear and Dunlop may be familiar to us, but what is the emotional equity of these brands? Let’s look at some examples of how tire brands are harnessing Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy to lead them on the journey towards Lovemarks.

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand

What does it mean for a brand to make the consumer the center of its world? Does it produce what its audience needs? Bend to the intensity of demand? Does going so far as sharing its name with loyal followers make people feel like they are receiving a brand’s attention?

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Have Another Serving of Love

Pasta was recently reported as the world’s most favorite food ahead of meat and rice in a study by Oxfam, and in 2010, US sales of dry pasta reached 1.04 billion pounds. But though it is a kitchen staple and people are happy to eat pasta several times a week, do you love your brand of pasta or did you buy it for convenience and value?

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Where Do I Tell My Story?

Digital communication is now a table stakes. It’s not a question of will you have a digital component to your business or campaign, but rather how you will use this platform to move your brand towards being a Lovemark. Now that we’re all sitting comfortable on the digital boat, where do we go from here?

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From Brand Experience to Brand Loyalty

Does the smell of a particular fragrance send you back to a time and place? Have you ever looked at the packaging of product and just had to touch it? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to either or both questions, then you have had a “brand experience”.

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Do You Love Your Vacuum Cleaner?

The more meaningful a brand or product is in a person’s life, the higher degree of consumer attachment. This in return creates stronger brand value. This week we look at how objects like vacuum cleaners can create emotional connections with their owners by delivering on design and function.

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Producing Revelations

The reason that the process of understanding consumers requires more than segmentation research is that people hold a myriad of emotions and have deep subconscious connections to brands. These feelings may not be apparent to them immediately, as when filling out a survey or when interviewed, but often it demonstrates itself in action – in their daily lives.

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The Value of the Inspirational Consumer

One way to ascertain if a brand is a Lovemark is to look at those who are largely responsible for awarding the brand with that status – consumers. Lovemarks have relationships with people that are based on more than transactions; they have what we call Inspirational Consumers – people who act as advocates, community members and brand owners.

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Love in the Bank

How do you reinforce a financial brand when there are few opportunities or reasons for consumers to develop meaningful connections with your products? Can a retail bank shake off the veil of negativity often associated with the global financial crisis? How can a bank make its brand mean more to people than bills, mortgage payments and ATMs?

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Forms of Storytelling

Storytelling has been long known to be an effective tool to engage and connect with people. To give you a sense of some innovative approaches in storytelling, here is a selection of methods used by brands in different markets to extend the reach, participation and emotional connection they have with consumers.

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Start With Respect

A brand must deliver on Performance, Trust and Reputation in addition to the more creative elements of Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy if it is to develop lasting and meaningful relationships with consumers. Without Respect, a brand is just a Fad or Commodity on the Love / Respect Axis.

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What Wine Wins?

Do expensive wines really taste better? According to a study (2008) by the California Institute of Technology and Stanford University, wine tastes better if people think it’s expensive. Hugh Johnson, a wine writer for The Sunday Times said that the same type of reaction is common for people viewing designer label clothing.

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To Like or To Love?

In an ad for the dating site eHarmony, there is line that describes an ideal match as meeting someone who “says I love you, not I’ll call you.” It brings to mind the debate of ‘Like’ vs ‘Love’. Is it enough for people to like a brand rather than love it? What will a brand get in return for pursuing such commitment anyway? Love sounds like such hard work.

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Pet Passion

One of the trends influencing the attitudes, values and expenditure of today’s consumers is the increasingly central role that animals play in people’s lives. Recent research shows that ads featuring animals generate more positive feelings towards not only the ad itself, but the brand it represents.

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Transforming Commodities

Commodities are products that receive Low Love and Low Respect. Products people need but don’t desire, or even like a lot. So how does a commodity make the transition from being taken for granted to being relentlessly loved? From being irreplaceable to being irresistible? To trace the journey from commodity to Lovemark let’s take a look a product like flour. Can flour be loved?