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High Return on Respect and Love

What does Apple’s incredible profit and revenue results reveal about how people behave in regard to the brands they love? The same demographic that may have been cautious with their spending in 2011 weren’t holding back on securing their next iPhone or iPad. Was it Loyalty Beyond Reason? Loyalty Beyond Price? Loyalty Beyond Recession?

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Retail Time Machine

Concepts of Past, Present and Future serve varied purposes depending on the message a brand wants to convey. Here is a look at how retail stores have used these characteristics of Mystery to create informative, sensual and engaging environments for shoppers.

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Keeping the Flame Alive

The New Year has rung in announcements of the foreclosure of some famous brands. What does being a Lovemark mean in a volatile financial environment? Does being a Lovemark protect a brand from economic uncertainty?

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Our Path to Love

This year, Lovemarks Campus hopes to have earned your Respect as a resource for interesting journal articles, papers, exercises and workshops, case stories and insights on Lovemarks, emotional marketing and consumer learning. Our challenge next year is to grow our engagement with you and move into the Love quadrant.

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A Fresh Look at Veg

Everyone knows that they should eat their vegetables. They’re good for you nutritionally, but does anyone really love buying vegetables in the fresh food aisle at the supermarket? What would incite a person to choose one brand of cabbage over another?

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The ‘I’ in Experience

Regardless of whether a brand is selling $2 lighters or $200,000 cars, for customization offerings to be meaningful they need to reinforce the characteristics of Lovemarks. Helping people create products that they love ensure that the fruits of their labor don’t end up sitting in the Fad quadrant.

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Of Fanboys and Fangirls

Though levels of fanboyism vary in intensity from higher than usual levels of enthusiasm to sheer obsession, what is consistent is the degree of devotion and fierce protectiveness these fans have for the brands they love. Fanboys, like sport-fanatics, get the concept of Loyalty Beyond Reason.

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Say My Name

When consumers adopt a brand name and use it to refer to all products within its category, a brand becomes a genericized term and risks losing trademark over its name. How does a company keep its hard earned brand equity when its name becomes the top-of-mind term for a product category?

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Interacting for Intimacy

The adoption of augmented reality, QR codes and near-field communication (NFC) is challenging the notion of what is possible in the field of marketing. What’s interesting is not just the types of interactive experiences enabled through technology, but how technology is being used to magnify the feelings of Intimacy that consumers feel with brands.

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Loyalty from Priceless Value

One of repercussions of lowering prices is the loss of brand loyalty. Shoppers who are constantly looking for bargains will make brand choices based on price. Here is where we make the case for Lovemarks as not only an approach to branding and advertising, but a smart business choice from a financial perspective.

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A Cause for Emotion

Cause marketing is a way that brands can create Intimacy with consumers and engage people in its values and social network. It’s an opportunity for many brands to humanize themselves and display characteristics of authenticity, commitment and empathy. Overtime, a brand or product may even become a purchaser’s first choice due to its affiliation with a cause.

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Passion for Print

To keep print alive, publishers are having to think outside the box and bypass conventional marketing methods to engage readers and make magazines a ‘must buy’. Here are some examples of print magazines that have attempted to ignite the passion for print through the Lovemarks characteristics of Mystery and Sensuality.

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Flying with Mr. Porter

For some, air travel is viewed merely as a way to get from destination A to B, and the choice of airline falls to whoever offers the cheapest ticket. However, there are some airlines that desire to be more than a commodity to the consumer and it is these brands that are trying to reinstate the enjoyment and romance of air travel.

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Xtreme Brand Loyalty

How do you cultivate such levels of brand loyalty that consumers will sacrifice time and energy to participate in your brand? What makes a person drive for hours for a brand of bread, or tattoo themselves with their Lovemark’s logo? To quote Lisa Gates of Forbes magazine, “When you love something, you’ll negotiate like a ninja to get it.”

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The Experience of Color

Though plenty has been written about the affects of color in packaging and the symbolism tied to its use in branding, what is being done about the individual experience of color specific to time and place? With companies expanding globally, yet audiences demanding increasingly personalized goods and services, how do brands deliver color in the Now?