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Brand Love in Developing Countries

In this LinkedIn community question inspired blog post, we address the question if brand love is as effective and applicable in developing countries, and is a person with limited resources more likely to make a decision based on emotion than reason.

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Strong Brand Recognition, Negative Brand Associations

In June we asked our LinkedIn community to post questions that they may have about Lovemarks and its application as a marketing theory. This week’s post answers the question “For a company with strong Brand recognition, but negative Brand associations, what is the first step to moving towards becoming a Lovemark?”

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How Close Can Big Data Get?

There has been a lot of talk about the impact of Big Data as a way to help marketers make better decisions. It allows businesses to run more efficiently by identifying the best pricing, scheduling, and promotional strategies…But how close can Big Data get to the average person? Just because it can remember your name and recall your preferences, can Big Data make you feel like it cares?

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How Love Works

Adding to the Lovemarks journey, ‘Loveworks: How the world’s top marketers make emotional connections to win in the marketplace’ by Brian Sheehan uses real world examples and outlines the roadmaps followed by several of the world’s top marketing companies to win in the market place through the application of the Lovemarks theory.

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For Loyalty, Look to Emotion

Loyalty amongst shoppers is becoming more of a challenge for brands. In a study undertaken in January 2013, Deloitte found that nine in ten consumers have swapped national branded products for private-label brands at some time.

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Does Storytelling Affect the Price of Bordeaux Wines?

A study recently published in the journal of Wine Economics and Policy attempts to understand if the type of stories told by 132 chateaux members of the Union des Grands Crus provided insight into the brand positioning of each vintage, and if the type of stories told had an effect on price level.

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Get Your Heart Racing

Ferrari was recently named the world’s most powerful brand by British research firm BrandFinance. This may come as a surprise to those expecting a technology company to take out first place on the Global 500 but Ferrari scored high in what BrandFinance chief executive David Haigh calls “qualitative measures” like brand affection and loyalty.

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A Time To Tell Stories

The meaning of stories is unique and personal to each individual. How people interpret stories is affected by factors such as age, previous events and experiences, and cultural context. A well-told story is good, but selecting the best place and time can make it great.

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To Love in Good Times and Bad?

“Will people stand by the brands they love during tough times?” That is the question asked by Angela Lee, professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Marketing, Monika Lisjak, a doctoral candidate at the Kellogg School, and Wendi Gardner, an associate professor of psychology at Northwestern University.

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Ringing the High Note

Here are two recent sonic branding projects undertaken for mobile phones. We may use our smartphones to speak to others, listen to music and watch video, but the way your phone sounds influences what you think and feel about the brand you use.

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Beyond Commodities Into Brands: Starbucks and Burberry

All brands are born as commodities. Around the world there are many cups of coffees, pairs of running shoes and computer chips, but only some are recognized as being Starbucks, Nike and Intel. For commodities to grow out of the Low Respect / Low Love quadrant, they must be associated with ideas; ideas which are often translated into a purpose or a vision.

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Brand Intimacy Through Innovation

Many brands see innovation as a way to remain competitive in their markets, but focus less on it as a chance to build Intimacy with their audiences. Here are some brands that have successfully met the needs of consumers. Here are some brands that have successfully met the needs of consumers.

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Going Beyond Brands

Brands no longer aspire to be just brands. Brands want to play in the High Respect, High Love quadrant of the Love/Respect Axis, and to do so they are striving towards being symbols of values and lifestyles that they hope will resonate with their audiences.

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Marketing The Past, Present And Future

Brands have the opportunity to influence our experience of time. They can shape the past, effect the present and be a part of the future. Their participation in the events that make up our lives leaves an impression that goes beyond the shelf and conveys shared values, a sense of solidarity, hope and wonder.

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Tiffany & Co. Gives Us Something To Dream About

Tiffany & Co. is one brand that has endured the test of time, and is exemplary of how characteristics of Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy can be used to create a Lovemark that has achieves Loyalty Beyond Reason.