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Keynote Presentations and Lectures

Selection of presentations to academic institutions by Kevin Roberts, Executive Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi. For more presentations, visit University of Arkansas: Emerging Trends in Retailing: Emotionally Connecting with Shoppers Kevin Roberts’ keynote on ‘The Power of Emotion’ at the fourteenth annual Emerging Trends in Retailing Conference. Held at the University of Arkansas by the Center

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Senses and Sensibility: A Human-Centred Branding Strategy

This Master’s thesis looks at human-centred branding and the role of the senses in a study of “the social and cultural meanings consumers attach to brands and branding within the art, science and technology continuum”.

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Crocs – Feel the Love


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Printemps Love Michael Kors

Source: Alia in Paris  

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Flower Council of Holland, ‘In Case of Love at First Sight’


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Salvatore Ferragamo “I Love Salvatore”


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Samsonite ‘Send Your Heart. Send Your Bag.’

Source: Allthedeals

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Nadège ‘Je T’aime’

Source: flickr/knotpr

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Delivering The Bottom Line – Download

This Teaching Module illustrates the correlation between Lovemarks and influence on purchase behavior, preference, repeat purchase, intention, margin and ROI, and brand value.

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Tools of the Trade – Download

. Full Teaching Module (zip, 14.92Mb) Teaching Notes (PDF) Presentation (PowerPoint) Presentation (Keynote) Love/Respect Axis handout (PDF) Lovemarker handout (PDF). Teaching Notes (PDF, 447Kb) Provides speaking notes, class activities and discussion points. Visuals – PowerPoint (ppt, 8.47Mb) Visuals – Keynote (key, 8.47Mb) 35 visually engaging slides providing tools that can help you on your journey

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From Made In China To Made Of China

In this presentation to students from the Communication University of China (CUC), Beijing, Kevin Roberts shares five ideas on how to transport China to Lovemarks.

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The Attraction of Lovemarks – Download

This Teaching Module lays out the foundations of the Lovemarks philosophy. It explains how Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy can be used to transform a brand into a Lovemark.

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Lovemarks Campus Site Map

Having difficulty finding a page or category in Lovemarks Academic? Use this site map to help you navigate the website.

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Higher Ground

I’m CEO in Residence at Cambridge, so John’s invitation to storm Oxford’s ramparts was irresistible. I love talking to MBAs, because you’ll design tomorrow. And Judge and Saïd are the chosen ones, shiny new apples on towering old trees. The world is at your feet, and needs you. You are young, fast, international. You’ve blooded

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Forever Young

It’s fantastic to be back in South America. And great to be here in a young energetic university. Thanks to Pablo for asking and to Gabriel for making it happen. When it comes to education, I’m a fan. I’m CEO in Residence at the Judge Business School at Cambridge. I have profound respect for their