A Study of the Role That Emotional Branding Plays in Marketing Strategies Within the Soft Drinks Industry, with Particular Focus on Coca-Cola

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This sutdy focuses on an area of specific interest to the researcher; how brands manipulate consumers’ emotions in their advertising campaigns.

The title fo this project and the three objectives are:

A study of the role that emotional branding plays in marketing strategies within the soft drinks industry, with particular focus on Coca-Cola.

1. Define emotional branding and evaluate its use in marketing strategies;
2. Identify examples of where Coca-Cola have used emotional branding strategies;
3. Identify whether or not emotional rbanding has effected consumers’ perceptions of Coca-Cola

The key developments of this project are:

  • An amalgamation of emotional branding definitions and theories
  • Analysis of Coca-Cola’s use of emotional branding
  • An evaluation of the emotional connection between different cola brand and a Manchester-based sample of consumer

The main conclusions are: Coca-Cola is a brand that has successfully used Emotional Branding strategies to attract customers; and there is a direct correlation between brands using emotional branding successfull and consumer popularity.